Your Consultation

Although your pain issue may seem pretty obvious and multiple specialists and your own doctor may have seen you in the past; Dr Doger always like to start with basic history taking. He prefers to hear everything you have to say in an unhurried and detailed manner. He would go through each issue in detail and rule out any sinister causes first. These are called as Red Flag Symptoms. Once he is reassured that he has reliably excluded any Red Flag Symptoms he would proceed to physical examination and medication review.

All female patients are examined in the presence of a female chaperone.

We understand that you may have questions and queries regarding your condition; these queries are more than welcome during the consultation.

Medication Review: The Chief Medical Officer (UK) report in 2008 stated that an average chronic pain sufferer usually changes his/her medication 5 times before they find the right drug that suits them. Therefore Dr Doger believes that it's very important that you bring a list of your current and old medications.

Role of Interventional Pain Management (Injections): Dr Doger would assess you and give his opinion if injections are likely to be beneficial for you. The success rate(s) of these injections depend on the underlying condition.

The aim of these injections is to (1) optimize pain control; (2) minimize side effects, adverse outcomes, and costs; (3) enhance functional abilities and physical and psychological well-being; and (4) enhance the quality of life for patients and their carers.

Sometimes your pain may be helped by outpatient based injections which can be carried out on the day of the consultation itself. He offers this as a part of his One Stop Pathway for suitable patients. It is usually best to get a family member or close friend with you who can then take you home afterwards.

Kindly get copies of any relevant medical reports, blood results or any X-Rays and CT or MRI scan you may have had in the past.