Sacro Iliac Joint injection

Sacroiliac Joint is a large joint that joins the bottom part of your spine to the pelvic bones. As you grow older there can be sacroiliac joint degeneration which leads to pain in the back. Sacroiliac joint pain is typically described as pain below the belt area in the back and can manifest as referred leg pain as well.

Isolated Sacroiliac joint pain is uncommon in younger age group and you must seek specialist help and advice to rule out other causes.

Sacroiliac Joint injections can be both diagnostic & therapeutic.

The treatment is a 2 stage process:

The initial injections are purely diagnostic to establish the source of pain reliably.

Patients are offered stage 2 (Radiofrequency Denervation) only if the initial diagnostic injections provide reasonable pain relief. This is the current accepted medical standard and avoids unnecessary patient expenses.