Medicolegal Clients

Dr Doger has recently started to undertake medico legal work in the West Midlands area and prepares medical reports specialising in musculoskeletal conditions and pain management particularly after injury and trauma.   He also has experience with complex regional pain syndrome and has special interest in cancer pain.


1. General

The following terms and conditions shall apply to the provision of medical reports and expert medical witness work by Midland Pain Clinic ("the Medical Witness").  These terms will be the only terms which apply to the appointment and may only be amended by agreement in writing.


2.1 Examinations can be undertaken at a variety of venues.
2.2 The Client and Instructing Party will be notified in writing prior to the appointment and unless there is a cancellation, appointments will be notified four weeks in advance.
2.3 In the event that an appointment can be offered at short notice due to a cancellation, the Client and Instructing Party will be notified by telephone and confirmed by email where appropriate.

3. Report

3.1 The report will be provided within 21 working days of the examination taking place.
3.2  Should it not be possible to obtain the medical records prior to the examination taking place, the Expert reserves the right to charge for the cost of reviewing the medical records and preparing the supplementary report should the medical records be provided after the report has been prepared.

Detailed T&C’s including fee details on request only.