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Dr Abir Doger is a Consultant in Anaesthetics & Pain Management. He is also the Associate Medical Director of John Taylor Hospice, Birmingham. He is based at Heart of England Foundation NHS Trust, Birmingham which includes Solihull Hospital, Good Hope Hospital and Heartlands Hospital.

While deciding on which consultant or doctor to see for your back pain or chronic pain kindly ensure the doctor has the following qualification: FFPMRCA

This is qualification is awarded by the British Pain Society (Royal College of Anaesthetists) and is the accepted benchmark. Consultants possessing this qualification are on the Specialist Register and have the requisite experience and expertise to assess and manage patients with Chronic Pain and related conditions.

You can request your doctor to refer you to Dr Doger at any of the following locations Spire Parkway Hospital, Damson Lane, Solihull Birmingham B91 2PP, Spire Little Aston Hospital, Little Aston Hall Drive, Birmingham B74 3UP, BMI The Edgbaston Hospital, 22 Somerset Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, West Midlands, B15 2QQ

Alternatively your doctor can refer through this website or via email.

We are happy to accept self-referrals; we can then liaise with your doctor to request your medical records.

Dr Doger also has a special interest in Cancer Pain Management. He runs a Specialised Cancer & Palliative Pain Clinic in Birmingham, United Kingdom. This is NHS and charity funded clinic that he started himself after realising the unmet need of a very vulnerable subset of patients. He specialises in neurodestructive neuraxial procedures. Cancer pain management is a highly specialized area with only a handful of consultants being able to perform highly complex procedures.

He was till very recently the Clinical Lead for Pain Services at Solihull Hospital, Good Hope Hospital and Heartlands Hospital but stepped down to concentrate on his cancer pain work, which he finds very rewarding.

He has authored various publications, presented case reports about rare and difficult cases in various national and international meetings. Dr Doger was also recently invited to USA to teach and share his expertise. He is in a select group of a handful of consultants around the world who are able to perform highly complex procedures for patients suffering with pain. He taught and lectured in Chicago and Delaware.

Dr. Robert O’Brien, MBChB, FRCA, EDIC
Consultant Anaesthetist, Consultant and Clinical Director in Critical Care Medicine.

Dr O'Brien has been a Substantive Consultant Post in the NHS since 2011. He provides both general and regional anaesthesia for a broad range of procedures. These include minor day-case surgery and minimally invasive interventions up to major complex operations.

He is also the Clincal Lead & Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine at Heart of England Foundation NHS Trust and routinely manages critically ill patients.

He completed undergraduate studies at University Birmingham Medical School in 2001. He has trained in the West Midlands and believes in high quality healthcare for the local population.

Dr Ashley Francis

Dr Ashley Francis (DClinpsy, MSc, BSc) is a Clinical Psychologist with expertise in the assessment and treatment of emotional and psychological factors that influence and worsen chronic pain. Dr Francis currently works within a pain management service in the NHS, and also has his own private practice in Leicester.

Pain that persists can often significantly disrupt a person’s life, and result in the loss of things that are core to one’s identity such as a job, a relationship, or a hobby or interest. In addition to the pain itself, these losses no doubt can cause much emotional turmoil, and may worsen any emotional stresses that could have existed before the onset of pain. Research shows that chronic pain suffers are more likely to have experienced ‘adverse life events’ which actually make them more prone to developing chronic pain. Anxiety and depression are also often seen in people with chronic pain, and unfortunately can actually make physical pain worse, as what affects the mind affect the body and vice-versa.

Addressing the emotional impact of pain on a person is therefore crucial to any comprehensive pain management treatment, and is something that I have the expertise and experience to provide you with. For further information about me and what treatments I offer, please see my website www.drashleyfrancis.co.uk or contact me drashleyfrancis@gmail.com

Olaf Waltmann

I joined the Pain Management team at Solihull Hospital in 2002
Acupuncture is offered as one of the various treatment modalities within the Pain Clinic and is effective for some patients in managing their pain. The aim of the treatment is not simply pain relief but to enable and encourage patients to become more active and generally function better in day to day life.

Occasionally it is used as a stand-alone treatment, for patients with complex medical histories who cannot tolerate anything more than subtle intervention, as well as being used in conjunction with pain killing drugs; injections; physiotherapy and pain management programmes.

Julia Kirkwood

I'm the Practice Manager responsible for the smooth administrative running of the Midland Pain Clinic. I support Dr Doger so that he can concentrate fully on your expert care and treatment. I am on hand as your first point of contact and I’m here to make things as simple and easy as I can for you.

I have always worked in a customer facing role as I enjoy working with people and helping them. I will provide you with a fast and responsive service so that your needs can be met as quickly as possible. I look forward to hearing from you. All details provided to me are only used for your treatment and completely confidential.